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Doctor Werewolf - Crab Wars

Doctor Werewolf's 'Crab Wars' EP tells a story of futuristic space battles and the crustacean war-machines that fight them, using the pulsing medium of Drum & Bass. The Doctor weaves an eclectic & adrenaline fuelled tapestry of quirky beats, distorted synths and rumbling subs designed for the sole purpose of making dancefloors heave.

The seed of 'Crab Wars' was planted in early 2019, immediately before the first lockdown. Doctor Werewolf and BustaFlux found themselves in a chaotic studio session at the Werewolf den in Sydney which would birth the writhing, sweaty leviathan that is 'Light Em Up'. After that seed was planted, the pandemic mutated it into the monster it has become as new tracks continued to sprout from the fertile soil it inhabited.

In the year 2369, our futuristic descendents the Terran Union accidentally provoke an advanced and ancient power, the Aynarian Swarm. These spacefaring cyborg arthropods left their rapidly drying ocean planet in search of moisture, and have targeted Earth as a perfect new colony. Once they remove the annoying primates who inhabit it. Each track represents a new chapter in the Crab Wars, from the deadly discovery of the Aynarians to the final confrontation at the edge of our solar system.

The result is an EP that ignites energy in the listener from start to finish, giving them the unshakeable drive to send it into full crab mode on the dance floor.

Beatport | Soundcloud | Spotify | Catalogue: 8BA006 | Release Date: 14-01-22 |