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Sydney based drum & bass producer Xsetra had their first release in 2013 “Deshojo” on Sixbux Productions, making a mark on the D&B scene in Australia. Since then an array of music has been picked up across international Labels including Transmission Audio U.K, Alchemic Breaks U.K, Violation Music U.K, Monarch Records AU, Delicious Music N.Z. With the latest of releases “ Cue points vol.1 a VA with tracks Lock & One foot forward coming out on 8 Ball Audio AU.

Deep rollers, cushy subs and disjointed drum rhythm’s, experimenting with all styles of drum & bass production, Xsetra's focus is a deep tribal vibe with rolling basslines and neuro layers, pushing the boundaries on sound design and his techniques. Xsetra’s abstract sound design will get you moving on the dance floor.